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Clint has given each Avenger a name in sign language.  Thor is the letter ‘T’ in the motion of a hammer.  Steve is a salute with an “R”. Hulk is an “H” over the bicep, but Bruce is the sign for doctor followed by the letter “B”.  Natasha is an “N” being shot from his other wrist like a widow bite. His own name is a “C” being drawn back like a bow.  Stark is an “S” taking flight, unless Barton is mad at him, then he fingerspells “A.S.” for Anthony Stark, but accidentally on purpose adds a second “S”. 

actually this is how giving names work in sign language! usually you sign the first letter of the persons name and a motion that summarises them as a person, or something that reminds you of them!


(Source: blandmarvelheadcanons)

I’m sorry but I need to vent here and this is going to be long because I’m on mobile and I don’t know how to enter a read more on mobile.

I am constantly having my opinion invalidated, my choices and lifestyle mocked, and my feelings entirely not cared about at all while I’m at work. From everybody. To the fact I have to have the headset maxed due to a hearing problem, to my sexuality, to even my very appearance and voice is invalidated and mocked. I am turned into the office joke every time I show up for work, but when I retaliate and attempt to defend myself, I’m just being a “bitch” and “too sensitive”.

My entire life has made me out to be a cruel, sick joke. I was bullied severely in school, from kindergarten all the way up through now in my fifth year of college. That’s a veritable lifetime of feeling like I don’t belong. Of feeling like a freak. Of being forced to feel like I shouldn’t exist. I was suicidal at one point.

I’m 22 fucking years old and I shouldn’t have to deal with teenaged angst anymore. However I work with a lot of teenagers and they are just as cruel as they were when I was their age, even more so. I’m constantly mocked, made fun of, and treated like a joke. Like I only exist for their entertainment.

I can’t keep going on like this; it’s going to kill me one way or another. I’m frustrated and angry, and that just makes them mock me more. I’ve already punched a metal thing tonight hard enough to make two of my knuckles swell up and ache, and honestly it feels pretty good.

I’m scared of slipping backwards. I just want to be respected. I am in real pain and it feels like no one cares. It feels like I can’t function like this anymore.

I think I need more help than I’m getting.

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